Kivineva is a development phase wind farm, located in Siikalatva, Finland.

Kivineva wind farm project is at early development phase and located in the Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland in the municipality of Siikalatva. Project consists of 28 wind turbines (preliminary) and to its side has been planned approximately 100–300 MWp solar power.

Kivineva wind farm is 100% owned by Taaleri Energia. Taaleri is a Finnish-based wind and solar developer and fund manager. The wind farm is being developed by Etha Wind, a leading Finnish project developer and wind energy expert.

Land Use Plan Initiative was accepted in the municipality in March 2023. The project development will continue with EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) and land use planning. EIA will be finished in the summer 2024 and land use plan draft will be simultaneously on public display. After this the project will proceed for land use plan proposal and approval, and land use plan is expected to be in legal force in the summer 2025. The building process can be started during the year 2025 and the first parts of the farm can be expected to be in operation during 2026.

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224-280 MW
capacity of wind power

100-300 MWp
capacity of solar power
Offsetting around 130 000 tonnes of CO2 per year of operation
28 wind turbines
Providing electricity for
around 69 000 households
Estimated production
620 GWh / year